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Tampnet established in the Netherlands


Tampnet established in the Netherlands

In October 2017 Norwegian carrier Tampnet AS were awarded a contract to provide first class telecommunications to more than 110 offshore platforms on the Dutch continental shelf. Only one year later the migration from KPN is complete and Tampnet have established a new Dutch subsidiary in Amsterdam.

Tampnet Netherlands B.V. was established early 2018 and on Friday October 5th at 18:00 CEST Tampnet’s European Network Operations Centre (NOC) took over the operation of the TOUGH network on the Dutch Continental Shelf. Luut van der Molen from Tampnet explains that the network mainly uses microwave links as the connectivity backbone.

“To be able to connect the offshore microwave network with the onshore terrestrial network, so called landing points acting as onshore send/receive stations had to be realized. As the antennas at these landing points need considerable height it is hardly surprising Cellnex is an obvious choice”, van der Molen explains.

The significant amount of Cellnex-owned antenna towers at strategic important locations makes Cellnex an important and flexible partner for Tampnet. But is not just the physical towers and their locations that makes Cellnex a valuable partner.

“When we faced challenges regarding the required amount of microwave and network equipment at these landing points, Cellnex proved to not only to provide ‘antenna space’ but also contributed with great solutions, again showing flexibility and willingness. As a result of their cooperation our project has been very successful so far. We have come to know Cellnex as a flexible and supporting organization. We are very eager to make this a long-lasting partnership”, van der Molen points out.