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Telecom property

Telecom property has a specific character. Knowledge and experience are crucial. Not only of the technical aspects of telecommunication towers, but also of legislation, financial terms and contract possibilities. Cellnex has both of these and is thus able to offer the best of both worlds.

Cellnex is a financially powerful organisation. Due to our flexible approach and customisation, we can always offer the best possible deal, depending on your wishes and demands.

New locations

Cellnex continuously expands its portfolio. We do this by purchasing ground that has an antenna mast, or establish of usufruct on it. This too can be done via purchasing or establish a usufruct on a roof location of an office or an apartment building, for which already one or more telecom providers have a contract for the installation of their station.

We would like to get into contact with land owners, housing associations, property managers, church managers and hospitals, etc. We offer financially favourable opportunities for purchase, commutation or usufruct agreement on existing telecom contracts that you have with the mobile network operators, entirely matching your wishes and the specific situation.

We have ample experience with the managing of stations for mobile telecommunication and data communication and always aim for a long-term relationship.

Existing contract

We also offer our current Landlords, the land owners of the ground beneath our Cellnex antenna masts, attractive conditions for the purchase of the ground or for instance a pre-payment for the remaining contract period.


Would you like to investigate whether the conditions of your existing agreement are still the most beneficial for you? Or would you rather receive a commutation sum now already, for the rights to receive future rental income? Please feel free to contact us.