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Private Networks

Organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile communications for their critical business processes. Capacity, specific performance (KPIs), availability and security of the mobile network are crucial.

Wi-Fi or a public mobile network do not guarantee continuity, partly because the spectrum used can be used by anyone. A private network does: a specifically licensed spectrum is available for it and the performance requirement can be customised and managed.

Business-critical processes

Mission Critical & Private NetworksIf business critical processes do not function properly, they immediately cause a significant problem in the delivery of products and services, resulting in major (financial) damage.

Think of things like the automation and robotisation at transhipment companies and container terminals in the port, where, for a large part, mobile communication is used. Downtime of the mobile network disrupts the entire process chain and the resulting damage can rise rapidly.

Today‚Äôs distribution centers are equipped with many smart, logistical and order picking systems. Here, too, it’s all about continuity.

In addition, security plays an important role. Just as in hospitals and care institutions, where the EPD is the basis for all care processes and where doctors and nurses need reliable mobile access to that data for their daily work.

Private Mobile Network

Radio frequencies are used for mobile communications. In the Netherlands, part of the spectrum is allocated to the mobile operators. However, a substantial part is available to companies on request, which makes it possible to build private networks with guaranteed performance, among other things through this private spectrum.
Unlike public mobile networks, private mobile networks offer superior quality and guaranteed performance.

The advantages of Private Mobile Networks:

  • Maximum continuity
  • High level of security
  • Independent of mobile operators
  • High Quality of Service, guaranteed if required
  • Scalable, both up and down (entrance threshold low)
  • Both indoor and outdoor connectivity

Private Mobile Network As-a-Service

Mobile communication is becoming increasingly indispensable, but also increasingly complex. Many companies see the advantages of a private mobile network, but do not have enough in-house knowledge to implement and maintain such a network themselves. It is also conceivable that an organisation would rather invest its resources in its own core business than in communication networks. With the Private Mobile Network As-a-Service solution, Cellnex takes care of all your worries and investments. We take care of the entire project, from investment to implementation and maintenance. You pay according to use.

Why choose Cellnex

Cellnex Telecom is one of the largest providers of wireless telecommunications infrastructure in Europe. Our qualified employees have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of mobile communications. We share knowledge of new trends and developments with our colleagues from other countries. This puts us at the forefront of the market and helps our customers to develop new generation networks.