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Land and Rooftop telecom property

The world of telecommunication is in full swing.

New technologies, such as 5G make self-driving cars and ‘smart’ agriculture possible. This will make society look different.

In order to also guarantee the continuity of our service provision to our customers, the mobile telecom operators in the future, we continuously expand our portfolio of telecommunication towers. Also the takeover of existing antenna masts or the establishment of the usufruct on rental agreements for land or roof locations with a telecommunication tower is among the possibilities.

Do you have a telecommunication tower(s) of one or more mobile operators on your premises and/or roof(s)?

Then this will probably mean a lot of work, drawing up a contract, the annual invoicing, the maintenance of the locations, assessing whether the contract is being complied with by the mobile operator, all kinds of matters that consume a lot of time and are not your daily business.

Cellnex could purchase your tower or take over this rental contract from you against very beneficial financial conditions. This would take it off your shoulders, while you immediately generate a significant amount of money, that you could use as a financial impulse.