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Smart Cities

The telecom infrastructure of Cellnex makes new generation networks possible. Such networks form the basis for ‘Smart Cities’.

Smart City and IoT

In a smart city Information Technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things(IoT) are used to manage and control the city. This concerns the administration as well as the facilities, such as libraries, hospitals, the transport system and the utility facilities.

Smart City innovations enhance the quality of life by organising the city more effectively and reduce the distance between inhabitants and the administration. All components of the city are connected through a network of sensors, the internet and premium technological devices, all driven by the Internet or Things. Cellnex provides the wireless telecom infrastructure to connect all of these elements and develop next generation networks.

Smart City projects

Cellnex is involved with several smart city projects throughout Europe. For instance, in recent years, the Cellnex media towers were part of the European research for the role of datacenters in smart cities.