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Internet of Things

The telecom infrastructure of Cellnex is strategically located and spread across the Netherlands and Europe.

This provides the ideal basis to develop a reliable backbone onto it for the Internet of Things.

Internet or Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer the name of a future trend, but is increasingly becoming reality. IoT offers endless possibilities. It makes our environment smarter and more measurable. It improves the efficiency of industrial processes. And it offers possibilities for the implementation of new business models that were previously unthinkable.

Edge Computing

Due to the rise of the Internet of Things much and much more data will become available. As a consequence, there will be a need to store data close to the source and to distribute it in order to prevent the backbone from congesting. The telecom infrastructure of Cellnex is particularly suitable for next generation networks which are a combination of Edge and Cloud Computing.

Reliable, safe and fast

In an environment in which each object can be integrated into an information network and can play a role in business processes, continuity, speed and privacy of data are fundamental demands that are set to the network infrastructure.

Largest dedicated IoT-network in Europa

Thanks to its commitment and the development of smart solutions, in Spain Cellnex Telecom is exploiting a mobile data network that is entirely organised for IoT applications. This network connects objects that are powered by a battery with a long lifespan that consumes little energy, that have a large range and are cheap. Integrity and safety of the data sent is incorporated as standard.

In order to develop this innovative network, Cellnex chose Telecom the LPWA-technology (Low Power Wide Area) of the French company SIGFOX, of which the properties are similar to the 4L’s which are the critical points of the IoT:

  • Low Power
  • Long Range
  • Low Traffic
  • Low Cost

The network that is being rolled out by Cellnex Telecom, is characterised by low bandwidth and long distance communication that is energy-efficient, safe and robust. It covers the whole of Spain (including the Baleares and the Canary Islands) and has more than 1,300 active sites, which makes it the largest dedicated IoT-network of Europe.