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Saving on your datacenter

When choosing a datacenter, cost reduction is an important factor. Energy costs are a large part of the datacenter’s energy bill.

Throughout Cellnex’s datacenters, there’s literally a breath of fresh air, enabling you to save up to 50% on energy costs.

Saving in a refreshing way

Servers need constant cooling. Most datacenters use a closed air circulation system. Cold air is led past the warm IT-equipment and then cooled again. That takes a lot of energy. The energy consumption for the cooling process is sometimes almost as high as the energy consumption for the IT. This results in a low datacenter efficiency. Cellnex uses a natural way of cooling: direct free air cooling.

With direct free air cooling, cold air from outside is used to cool down datacenter equipment. The air that is drawn in is filtered, humidified if necessary and then led past the servers. The datacenter doesn’t need to cool down the heated air, but instantly releases it outside again.

Saving up to 50% on the total energy costs

By using free air cooling, Cellnex saves up to 98% on cooling costs. Because of the exceptionally high datacenter efficiency*, some clients have seen a reduction of 50% on their total bill! In comparison: the datacenter infrastructure efficiency in traditional datacenters lies between 50 and 62%. That means that 38 to 50% of the total energy costs consists of cooling costs. The datacenter efficiency at Cellnex lies between 83 and 91%. Therefore, only 9 to 17% of the total energy costs consists of cooling costs.

* The datacenter infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) is a relative number that represents the ratio between the energy consumption for the IT-equipment and the total energy consumption of the datacenter (IT and cooling equipment).

You pay for what you use

The fresh breeze also produces our power supply. Cellnex datacenters are 100% powered by wind energy. A large procurement volume means that Cellnex can purchase this energy at a competitive price. Of course, this advantage is transferred to you, the user. Energy meters accurately keep track of your actual consumption.

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