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Quick and ingenious set up

The Cellnex datacenters have been set up in a small-scale and modular fashion. This is prompted by the exterior and interior architecture of the data towers.

The advantage of these modular datacenters is that we can set them up very quickly, in agreement with the latest technologies and in accordance with your specific wishes.

Thanks to the scalable layout, there is room for growth and we can quickly anticipate new technological developments. Furthermore, the lead time is particularly short. A datacenter with ten to twelve server racks can be completely realized within 2 months. Do you wish to use one or several racks in an existing datacenter? We can set that up for you within a week.

Smart design

We like to think ahead. Cellnex’s services portfolio is very spacious. For instance, we use server racks that are 80 cm wide instead of the usual 60 cm, and 100 cm deep. We are also already anticipating the ever-increasing energy density (W/M2), to make sure that your servers will have sufficient power in the years to come. Thanks to the small-scale setup of the datacenter floors, we are constantly able to integrate the latest technology.

Personal and flexible

Cellnex consists of a compact team of dedicated people. This way, you always know who you are doing business with. We offer clients the desired flexibility that larger datacenters are often unable to provide. Would you like an extra data connection? We can quickly arrange it for you. At Cellnex, you can still buy 1 KVA per rack instead of the usual 2 kVA. Or you can even buy 25 kVA per rack, if you wish. We don’t use standard product lists, but prefer customisation. Your needs are our focal point.

Service desk

Do you have any questions or issues after office hours? Cellnex’s service desk is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The service desk is manned by our own employees. You can reach the service desk at 088 – 205 44 00.

The video below shows the construction of a datacenter floor.