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Why choosing the datacenters of Cellnex

Uninterrupted supply of energy, emergency power supply with enormous capacity, a high level of security, and extensive connectivity possibilities.

Cellnex’ telecom & data towers have originally been built to always keep on working. With this, they off er the perfect building blocks for datacenters with the highest uptime levels.

Originally, the Cellnex’ telecom & data towers facilitated broadcasting signals for television, radio, and mobile communication. The towers are still essential for the service of mobile telecom operators and roadcasting operators. They also play a key role in the Dutch emergency infrastructure. By now, they have also proven to be the ultimate environment for safe data storage and off er innovative possibilities for edge computing.

Why are Cellnex’s datacenters so unique?

  • Green datacenters: Cellnex datacenters are among the top 3 of greenest datacenters in the Netherlands, and one of the greenest in Europe.
  • Continuity ensured: Cellnex offers an uptime guarantee up to 99,999%. Our datacenter concept meets the TIER 3+ requirements.
  • Above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum: Cellnex literally brings your data at safe heigts. The average height of our datacenters is 15 meters above the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (Normaal Amsterdams Peil, NAP).
  • Always close: Cellnex has nationwide coverage with 24 data towers. In the Netherlands, you are therefore never more than 35 kilometers from one of our towers. This means that there’s always a suitable datacenter close to you. And our network offers the ideal structure for a twin datacenter concept.
  • Flexible and ingenious: The Cellnex datacenters have been set up in a small-scale and modular fashion. This is prompted by the exterior and interior architecture of the data towers. The advantage of these modular datacenters is that we can set them up very quickly, in agreement with the latest technologies and in accordance with your specific wishes. In addition, each floor has its own primary facilities. So, you do not share the energy and emergency power supplies with others.
  • Private floor: Starting from 6 racks, Cellnex offers you a private floor. Optimal privacy is thus guaranteed. A pleasant thought in relation to the current GDPR legislation.
  • Saving on your datacenter: Cellnex provides its datacenters with the latest, innovative, cooling methods. This allows customers to save up to 50% on total energy costs.
  • Freedom to choose your carrier: Cellnex is carrier neutral. You choose which carriers you want to connect with.