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Private Housing

A private floor from 6 racks or more

The floors in the telecom & data towers of Cellnex have been set up as completely autonomous datacenters, according to TIER 3+ requirements. These are small-scale datacenter suites with 6 to 18 server racks. You can share your racks with a small number of other clients. You can also choose a Private Cage, which gives you your own secluded space on the datacenter floor. If you prefer even more privacy, we can offer you a Private Suite, in the form of your own floor. This last option is possible from 6 racks or more.

Built To SuitCellnex Private Datacenter Floors

The Cellnex datacenters have been set up in a compact and modular fashion. Due to the small-scale nature of the datacenter floors, we are constantly capable of integrating the latest technologies and designing a datacenter that meets your expectations and requirements.

We don’t use standard product lists, but prefer customization. With a private floor you have the option of setting up your datacenter according your own requirements and demands. For example, you can opt for a 80 cm rack or a combination of 60 and 100 cm racks. You also have the choice between a full or half rack or a combination thereof. At Cellnex, you can still buy 1 KW per rack instead of the usual 2 KW. Or you can even buy 20 KW per rack, if you wish.

You can also select your own access system. Do you want to be able to enter your datacenter via a pin code or do you prefer an iris scan? Ask for the possibilities. And what do you think of your own company logo in the datacenter? If you invite your customers to your datacenter, they will see that it is really your own private environment.

Your needs are our focal point. And because of the smart technologies we use, we often enable you to achieve significant savings.

GDPR proof

No one else but you has access to your own floor. Optimal privacy is thus guaranteed. This means there is no risk from other users who may be negligent or may place equipment that is potentially flammable. A pleasant thought in relation to the current GDPR legislation.

Tailormade advice

You determine the requirements for the architecture of your datacenter by yourself, but we can imagine that you will find it difficult to determine what the right architecture is for you. We are happy to help you with that. Cellnex consists of a compact team of involved specialists and is one of the few datacenters that has no fewer than two Certified Data Center Specialists (CDCS) in its sections. Together with you we go through your process, your future plans and your data management issues to determine the optimal architecture together. Cellnex will offer you the desired quality, flexibility and service and, where possible, realise considerable savings.

Realisation datacenter floor

Are you curious about how Cellnex realises a datacenter? The video below shows the construction of a datacenter floor.

The unique aspects of Cellnex’s datacenters

Why choose the Cellnex datacenters? We have listed the benefits for you.