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High Density Hosting

The Cellnex datacenters are compact and modular. Because of this, they are ideally suited to host high density devices

By applying new technologies such as virtualization, servers are becoming smaller and more powerful. The result is a considerably higher density of processing capacity per square meter. However, this also means that more energy is needed per square meter. Both for feeding the high density devices and for cooling them. The Cellnex datacenters are modular and flexible. This allows us to adjust components to individual, specific requirements.

Server racks from 1kW to 20 kW

Because every server rack is by default equipped with an A and B feed with a 32A 3-phase CEE plug, we can meet every demand from the client, without having to adapt the infrastructure. Both feeds are plugged into a redundant double-conversion UPS. This guarantees a constant and continuous energy supply to both feeds.
Individually fused PDU’s

Cellnex delivers Power Distribution Units (default sockets 18xC13 and 3xC19) which have individual fuses on each outlet. In case of any short circuits of overload in the servers, only the defective feed is switched off instead of the entire power feed.

Innovative cooling methods

By applying innovative cooling solutions, such as Direct Free Air Cooling, our Efficiency (PUE) is one of the best in Europe. Cellnex cools the IT equipment based on the ‘cold corridor principle’. Cellnex meets the requirements for datacenter temperature and air humidity tolerances outlined in ASHRAE TC9.2.

Floor load

Floor load is also an important component in the design of a high density datacenter. Cellnex takes this into account in the design.

The unique aspects of Cellnex’s datacenters

Why choose the Cellnex datacenters? We have listed the benefits for you.