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Edge computing

According to consultancy company Gartner, 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2020.

Using sensors, these devices can collect information from their environment, and they can communicate with each other through embedded network technology.

The data from IoT sensors can be huge. Sometimes it is only about collecting data by the devices on the edge, before it is sent to the cloud or datacenter to be processed there. In other cases, IoT devices require a fast, real-time response that should not be delayed by the so-called “round trip latency” present in each network.

Real-time processing of data on the edge, combined with advanced analysis and machine learning technology in the cloud offers companies an ideal IT architecture.

Cellnex offers the perfect wireless telecommunication infrastructure for this. Low latency and reliability form the most important basis of our ubiquitous network and we will further expand that in the coming years.

The unique aspects of Cellnex’s datacenters

Why choose the Cellnex datacenters? We have listed the benefits for you.