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Cellnex’s telecom & data towers are also very suitable for colocation, as a twin datacenter.

With a twin datacenter, the mirror location is physically separated from the primary location. This reduces the risk of outage. There is always a backup, after all.

If the distance between datacenters exceeds 30 kilometers, however, the data transport can be delayed and problems can arise in the data transfer between the two datacenters. Cellnex doesn’t have this issue; the towers are always located within 30 kilometers from each other. This makes them ideal for colocation.

Compact and modular

The Cellnex datacenters have been set up per floor, compact and modular. Because of this, we can always set them up according to the latest technology and flexibly meet individual requirements and demands.
In the design of all Cellnex datacenters, a number of measures have been taken to prevent outage and guarantee continuity.


To constantly remain up and running, every location has emergency provisions, such as large-capacity emergency power generators. Provisions concerning energy supply and distribution, cooling and connectivity are also redundantly present to ensure the availability of your data. In case of an outage, the second installation will automatically take over our services. And if need be, all supporting actions can be performed online. All facilities are regularly tested by long-term partners, each one of them reputable companies.

Of course you want an uninterrupted connection for datatransport, that is always available. You can use fiber optic cables, but thanks to the high attitude of the telecom & data towers, at Cellnex you can also opt for wireless transmission between your office and the datacenter in the tower. If you choose both options, you are ensured a connection guarantee of 99,999%

Saving up to 50% on the total energy costs

By using free air cooling, Cellnex saves up to 98% on cooling costs. Because of the exceptionally high datacenter efficiency, some clients have seen a reduction of 50% on their total bill!

Servers need constant cooling. Most datacenters use a closed air circulation system. Cold air is led past the warm IT-equipment and then cooled again. That takes a lot of energy. The energy consumption for the cooling process is sometimes almost as high as the energy consumption for the IT. This results in a low datacenter efficiency. Cellnex uses a natural way of cooling: direct free air cooling.

With direct free air cooling, cold air from outside is used to cool down datacenter equipment. The air that is drawn in is filtered, humidified if necessary and then led past the servers. The datacenter doesn’t need to cool down the heated air, but instantly releases it outside again.

Cellnex is the first party to use Free Air Cooling in the Netherlands. An innovative but robust technology. The technology has proven itself several times abroad.

Personal, capable and flexible

Cellnex consists of a compact team of dedicated specialists. This way, you always know who you are doing business with. Cellnex is one of the few datacenters that can boast two Certified Data Center Specialists (CDCS) within its organization. Clients can use their knowledge and experience to solve their data management issues. Cellnex offers clients the desired quality, flexibility and service that international datacenters often cannot provide. Would you like an extra data connection? We will quickly arrange it for you. At Cellnex, you can still buy 1 KW per rack instead of the usual 2 KW. Or you can even buy 20 KW per rack, if you wish. We don’t use standard product lists, but prefer customization. Your needs are our focal point. And because of the smart technologies we use, we often enable you to achieve significant savings.


Cellnex keeps investing in a better environment and the development of smart and sustainable solutions. This is one of the reasons why we are a partner in Green IT Amsterdam, a platform consisting of over 50 parties that promotes a strong local datacenter industry that invests in green solutions.

Since 2015, Cellnex’s “smart” datacenters have even been the only datacenter involved in European research into the possible role of a datacenter in a so-called Smart City (GEYSER project).

The unique aspects of Cellnex’s datacenters

Why choose the Cellnex datacenters? We have listed the benefits for you.