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Collaboration of mobile operators

In order to strengthen mobile signals via a DAS system inside a building, permission of the mobile operators is required. Cellnex coordinates with mobile telecom operators on behalf of you.

Mobile operators are the holders of the licences and thus they are the owners of the frequencies. A signal cannot be connected without their permission. This requires cooperation of the chosen mobile operators (KPN, Tele2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Ziggo).

Good relationship with telecom operators

Without the proper contacts this could be a time-consuming and costly matter. The coordination with mobile operators is a specialism that requires years of experience, as well as knowledge of radio networks.

The proposition of Cellnex is based on a solution independent from a specific operator, but does assume the cooperation of the relevant telecom operators. This cooperation is initiated by use per project. Per project, Cellnex can inform you at an early stage about the circumstances and the feasibility.