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Clustered DAS solution

With a clustered Distributed Antenna System (DAS) you offer employees, users and tenants optimal mobile coverage. At the same time you benefit directly from the scale economies.

In an age where safety and privacy are key, users increasingly more often rely on their data bundle instead of a public Wi-Fi network. Also for IoT-applications and the future 5G-network good coverage of the mobile network will be an essential specification of a building.

Clustered DAS solution

Cellnex can offer clustered DAS solutions in case in a certain area multiple businesses participate in an accessing project. This way other industrial estates, hospitals and stadium can easily benefit from the advantages of a DAS network.

Collectively saves money!

Many indoor-projects face high solution costs and thus turn out not to be viable. By clustering the needs and ensuring a professional, collective approach, Cellnex is able to prevent high costs and even to realise significant savings.

Scale economies

Covering multiple adjacent buildings in one go and connecting the mobile networks of the operators in a central location, generates serious scale economies. For industrial estates, station areas, office buildings and the like, these options are often available, without the different parties being aware of it. Due to its network and market position, Cellnex is usually well informed about the situation in your environment.

Optionally, Cellnex could invest in the required base stations and DAS equipment. From a central location the individual business users and their buildings can be connected to a pay-per-use basis. Cellnex is the only company in the Netherlands to offer such a proposition.

For new areas

Cellnex can offer clustered solutions if in a certain area multiple business participate in an accessing project. Cellnex is presently involved with a number of large area developments in cities in and around the Randstad area, where there are numerous, usually, offices are already completed or being developed. In consultation with park managers, area developers or business associations, we will be happy to make your options insightful.


For the implementation of a DAS project, Cellnex operates in accordance with a fixed protocol. The proposition of Cellnex is based on a solution independent from a specific operator, but does assume the collaboration of the mobile network operators. This collaboration is initiated by us for each project.