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Radio links

The altitude of the Cellnex telecom & data towers make it possible to use radio links for connectivity.

A radio link is a fixed or temporary connection between a transmitting and receiving antenna. A direct line of sight between the transmitters is required. The antennas for these connections are often positioned on the landings of the towers.

For telecom, internet and Wi-Fi

The large Dutch telecom operators use radio links from the towers to connect to the network of GSM, UMTS and LTE antennas in the country (LTE is a further development of UMTS). Other operators, like broadcasting operators, use their own wireless data equipment to create communication connections for radio and TV from the Cellnex locations to contact the studio, for instance.

Increasingly more people are discovering the extensive possibilities of radio links from Cellnex’s telecom & data towers. Regional telecom companies use the links to bring internet to areas not connected by fiber optic or cable. For Wi-Fi connections in the 5 GHz frequency band to your (temporary) location, radio links are also an excellent choice.

For datacenters

Various clients that use the datacenter services provided by Cellnex also use a radio link to enable data transport between their office building and the datacenter in the tower. In addition to this, Cellnex offers the possibility of fiber optic connections. Do you want to choose between fiber optic and/or radio links? We have listed the considerations for you.