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Due to their great height, the telecom & data towers of Cellnex are excellently suitable for the broadcasting of radio- and television signals.


Continuous, high-quality image and sound is crucial for television stations. The telecom & data towers of Cellnex are part of the Dutch emergency infrastructure. The emergency facilities required for this ensure that the telecom & data towers are the perfect basis for providing continuity.

All facilities available

In and on the towers all facilities are available for uninterrupted broadcasting. The antennas installed on the platforms of the towers. The related transmission-equipment is located in the towers. Cellnex supplies all required facilities, such as energy (including emergency power and no-break facilities, if desired), access and cooling.

Digital television

Digital television offers numerous advantages. For instance, the capacity of the network can be better utilised, it offers better image and sound quality and there is hardly any loss of quality underway, while the signals are not sensitive to radiation and static.

The Cellnex telecom & data towers are suitable for the broadcasting both analogue and digital television.