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Cellnex rents out space in and on the telecom & data towers for the purpose of broadcasting of radio- and television signals.

Traditionally the Cellnex telecom & data towers are part of the Dutch emergency infrastructure. The emergency facilities required for this, make the towers excellently suitable for the broadcasting of radio- and television signals.

Building-related facilities

Cellnex provides all building-related facilities that are necessary for the continuity of the broadcasting of the radio signals. The antennas will obviously be installed outdoors on the mast, the related transmission-equipment will be placed inside the tower. Cellnex issues and secures the associated facilities, such as energy, access and cooling.


The Cellnex team of specialists is characterised by their flexibility and speed. From their in-depth knowledge and experience, the experts provide advice about the installation of the antennas, the location of the transmission-equipment, etc. As such, customers are assured of the optimal and economically most beneficial solution in each specific situation.

Digital radio

In addition to higher sound quality, digital radio also makes a wider choice of opportunities possible. This could provide a solution at the same time for the current capacity problems on the FM-band. Furthermore it is possible during broadcasting to send through more additional information, which could be advantageous for the interactivity with the listener.

The Cellnex telecom & data towers are suitable for transmitting analogue as well as digital radio signals.