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Radio links, a (temporary, fall-back) solution?

After a long search, you have finally found the perfect location for your company. There is only one disadvantage: no fiberglass or DSL connection is available. What to do?

With these questions, organisations regularly approach Cellnex. As an important European player in the field of wireless telecommunications infrastructure, connectivity is one of our specialties.

Originally, our 24 media towers facilitate the broadcasting of signals for television and radio. Our knowledge of radio frequencies dates from that time. Meanwhile, technology and equipment have kept on developing, and there are many new options and solutions.

Radio links offer a solution

Back to the questions whether there is an alternative if there is no proper internet connection available, or if the internet connection is much too expensive? Yes, in many cases there certainly is! In the form of a radio link.

Feasibility study

To set up a properly functioning radio link, a number of prerequisites have to be met. Cellnex starts with a feasibility study for all client requests. The following aspects are under review:

  • Can a line of sight be created between the two set-up points;
  • If not, are there alternative lines of sight which are economically feasible;
  • Can the bandwidth requirements be met in relation to distance between the two set-up points;
  • If a licensed radio link is desirable: will the Radiocommunications Agency give off a permit for this?

With regard to this last point, there are two options:

  1. A licensed radio link, for which you get your own frequency assigned. A permit has to be requested with the Radiocommunications Agency.
  2. A non-licensed radio link. This is cheaper than a licensed connection, but there is lesser guarantee of the continuity of the connection.

Is a radio link GDPR-proof?

A radio link enables you to safely transport data. Besides all other measures to protect your data which you have in place already, the equipment we use meet specific security standards and provide the option to encrypt your data.

Turnkey solution & very fast delivery

Cellnex provides the complete implementation of each project from beginning to end. From advice and design to implementation and management and the application of the required permits.

In contrast with the installation of a fiberglass connection, radio links can be set up on short notice and can be realised very quickly.

For monitoring and management, clients can choose from a basic, premium, and premium+ package. The response times vary from best effort to 24/7 availability.

Datacenter connectivity

With the current digital transformation it becomes increasingly crucial to not only transport and access data securely, but also to securely store and process data. As one of the few, Cellnex is capable to serve clients on all fields of this so-called ‘data ecosystem’. The 24 media towers of Cellnex not only have a broadcast function but are also the perfect environment for datacenters with the highest uptime levels. Because of the large height of the media towers, clients making use of our datacenters cannot only choose fiberglass connectivity, but also a radio link between their office building and the datacenter in the tower. If you choose both options, the connection guarantee is even 99.999%.

Read more about it on the comparison between fiberglass connections and radio links.

IoT and Smart Cities

Setting up a (number of) radio link(s) is not only a good option for business broadband internet, but also for IoT applications and Smart Cities. Cellnex already has extensive experience with building a new generation of networks and likes to think along with you about new applications!

Want to know more? Please contact us!