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PeopleWare Datacenters at safe level in the Cellnex towers

IT-service provider PeopleWare and Cellnex Telecom have extended their partnership for the longer term. This way the parties confirm the excellent collaboration from the datacenters at several locations, where PeopleWare rents a total of three private datacenter spaces. All in all, the PeopleWare cloud environment offers room to thousands of virtual servers. These servers are established on so-called private floors in several Cellnex-towers.

Completely redundant cloud platform

Medium-sized and large organisations see the huge benefits of switching to the cloud. A common condition though is that their data remains within the Netherlands. This is to be able to comply with the laws and regulations and internal company policy. CloudActive, the cloud platform of PeopleWare, guarantees that all data will be kept within in the Netherlands. The environment is set-up completely redundant from several Cellnex facilities and provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service to the roughly one hundred Peopleware clients, mainly consisting of large and medium-sized companies.

Highest uptime

“Cellnex Telecom offers us complete freedom and flexibility in the organisation of our datacenter spaces”, says Floris de Kievit, Business Development Manager at PeopleWare. “We will structure everything entirely to our own wishes. At Cellnex any of our wishes can be discussed and they are always realised. Thus PeopleWare holds all certifications that our clients ask for. Our ICT-structure in these ultra-certain locations provides the highest imaginable uptime for our clients.” The entire environment of PeopleWare is structured redundant across several Cellnex-locations, thanks to the own fibre-optic connection.

“The collaboration between Cellnex and PeopleWare is an excellent example of the approach that Cellnex advocates with its datacenters”, says Robin Verlangen, Marketing & Sales Director of Cellnex Netherlands. “PeopleWare has an outstanding reputation in its sector and serves some well-established organisations in the Netherlands. We are therefore quite pleased that Peopleware values the good relationship, as well as our service provision, with a multi-year contract.”