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New buildings without full mobile coverage is a thing of the past

New buildings are usually well insulated, but that has the disadvantage that the indoor coverage is often poor. Metals and films in the windows that keep the heat inside are also extremely effective to block mobile signals. Cellnex is already successful abroad with its Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in solving this problem, and now it’s the Netherlands’ turn.

The acquisition of Alticom means that Cellnex Telecom can deliver the services that the company already offers elsewhere in Europe. This also applies to the DAS system, a solution that improves coverage within buildings. “In other countries, Cellnex has already provided facilities for IKEA in Italy and football stadiums, including those at Atletico Madrid in Spain,” says Robin Verlangen, Director of Marketing and Sales at Cellnex Netherlands. In itself, mobile operators do deliver solutions that improve the range inside, but often only to transmit their own signal. “And usually they are expensive installations. We try to offer a neutral host solution, one system that multiple operators can use. Building owners do not have to break the ceiling every time to build such a system. They only have to do that once. ”

It is a thought that some parties have to get used to, says Verlangen. “In the past it was mainly seen as an advantage over the competition. If you want cover, you become a customer. But building managers are now used to having, for example, one power connection, but the choice between several suppliers. Why should I not have an access network that works like this? And in itself that is also a logical idea. ”

In the Netherlands, Cellnex Telecom is working with various parties to realize such networks. Below a few new buildings for a project in Rotterdam. “I deliberately say ‘buildings’, plural, because it is a so-called BTS system (Base Transceiver Station) that we install under one of the buildings and offers cover” which also offers a solution for the buildings next to it. “According to Verlangen, it is very cost-effective, with a price of only a few euros per square meter you create already satisfied building users through optimal accessibility. “A new office environment without optimum coverage is inconceivable, and yet such buildings are becoming more and more important because of the emphasis on energy efficiency.” Last year Cellnex was also designated as one of the preferred suppliers for provincial buildings in the Netherlands.

It is a relatively new market, especially in the Netherlands, but Cellnex, according to Verlangen, has enough innovation for it. “It is a big advantage as an European player that you can rely on successful projects elsewhere,” he says. “We already know the MNOs, the operators, very well because they rent our towers. That contact is crucial, because you have to get those operators aligned. “According to him, it is not just the building managers who benefit from a DAS system. The operators also benefit from it. “A DAS system will costs five or six tons, and we offer contract security. Important reasons that make the demand for our solutions grow. “