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Mobile networks for critical communication in Transport & Logistics

Transport en Logistiek

In transport and logistics, time and financial constraints are a well-known challenge. Thus, all processes have to be swift, just in time, very competitive and hence very well-orchestrated.

To the extent that transport takes place over a country or internationally, public mobile networks have a role to play and have to be planned to provide a seamless experience to the end user. Wherever local processes are involved such as in a warehouse, on a yard or at a transfer and storage facility, local connectivity networks can play an important role; in transport and logistic hubs, private connectivity networks guarantee the level of performance required.


The port sector, as a sustainable and efficient multimodal logistic hub, is undergoing a transformational shift towards Smart Ports, where the challenge relies on continuously improving efficiency and productivity to logistics operators, cargo terminals, ship owners and cruisers’ terminals.

What if critical operations can run uninterrupted? Assets, equipment and people in the field are seamlessly connected 24×7? Location of assets and people can be determined at any moment? Cellnex’s Private Connectivity Networks, together with IoT abilities can meet the expectations of a transforming sector


With goods flowing all over the planet, tight control over these processes in a very competitive domain is the essence. A factor of importance is off course where the processes apply; both on site at logistic hubs as well as across the globe. Connectivity is an indispensable part of that equation, providing transporters, warehouses, etc. with real time in formation on the status of a transport or delivery and the full and current status of the goods as well as their condition.


Railways are facing a transformational moment towards the digital railway where the transport authorities have to face new challenges by transforming the end user experience, conferring operational excellence to their systems and remodelling stations to intermodal hubs.

Cellnex deploys state of the art connectivity all over a railway system: from stations to tunnels and along the corridors, using the most appropriate technology in each area to meet end user’s demands. On top of a fail-proof, dedicated security communication networks to guard visitors well-being and ensure labour are always safe.

“You decide on the SLAs with regard to continuity, availability, security, latency, etc. Cellnex provides you with the desired mobile connectivity.”


The economic airport model is facing a transformational moment where success lies in impacting key value drivers to optimise both aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue and profitability. Robust and scalable communications infrastructure integrating data, emerging technologies and innovation is leveraging the change and yielding some impressive results already in pioneering airports.

No investment, but a monthly fee

Our services are aimed at a long-term relationship, where we seek to relieve our customers as much as possible from any initial investment. That is why we offer our connectivity solutions in an as-a-service model. This means you don’t have to invest in equipment or knowledge, but only assume a fixed amount per month. Cellnex takes care of the entire delivery, implementation and maintenance.

Flexible and future-proof

During the term of the service, we regularly check whether the existing solution still meets your requirements. In the meantime, you can flexibly adapt the service to the circumstances in your specific situation, without having to make new major investments. This also applies to new technological developments. So you are always assured of a future-proof solution!


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