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Mobile Network Operators

Cellnex is the main infrastructure provider for wireless telecommunication in Europe.

By making use of the Cellnex telecommunication infrastructure, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) can offer their clientele maximum accessibility.

Long-term relation

For many years, Cellnex has been closely cooperating with the Mobile Network Operators, on a Dutch as well as European level. This cooperation is based on mutual trust, the high service level and the joint drive to make new applications possible.

Strategically located

The Cellnex telecom infrastructure in the Netherlands consists of 24 telecom & data towers and 4000 antenna masts. These are strategically located, spread across the country, in both urban and rural areas.

Built To Suit

Cellnex continuously expands its infrastructure and is thus always looking for new locations. These could be ground locations, but also roof locations on churches, schools or other high buildings.

At the request of MNOs too, we build new sites at desired locations. Cellnex takes care of the entire process, including the acquisition of the soil, the placing of the mast, the security of the access, including security against climbing and taking care of the green areas. In addition, we ensure annual preventive maintenance.

Existing and new technologies

The development of next generation networks is an important priority for Cellnex. The infrastructure is, as such, not only suitable for existing technologies, like GSM, LTE, TETRA, UMTS and WIMAX, but also for new technologies, such as 5G and LoRa.