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Cellnex Healthcare

Mobile networks for critical communications in healthcare

Digitization in healthcare is increasing rapidly. Healthcare professionals, patients and visitors need and want to be permanently connected through their mobile devices.

The number of healthcare applications and digital solutions in the medical and management field are soaring and often require a secure and private access to the IT environment from third parties and suppliers. Sensor technology is rising in the medical world: closely monitoring the performance of medical equipment as well as the response of patients is key to save lives. Finally, the introduction of 5G will bring the emergence of many new applications still unknown today.

Good wireless connectivity absolutely essential

To facilitate this landscape, excellence in the mobile communication infrastructure is necessary: this is a mobile communication network with guaranteed performance, far above what was considered necessary until now. But what choices do you have to make? How do you ensure the security of confidential patient or client data? And what are the costs?

Tailor-made solutions

Cellnex is specialized in the field of innovative mobile telecommunications infrastructures. For every need, we offer a tailor-made solution. Whether it’s for a large university hospital or for a care institution with multiple locations, every situation is different. And since we have clients in the healthcare world, we understand the complexity added in the healthcare sector.

This is why we always start with a careful identification of your needs and requirements with regard to mobile connectivity. Which are the so critical communication processes and applications that their uptime must always be guaranteed? Which ones are less critical and may be able to cope with less specific requirements?

Guaranteed continuity

Based on this inventory, our specialists design the optimal and most cost-effective solution. All existing networks, the ones within your organization such as WiFi, or the network of one or more mobile network operators, are taken into account when designing your solution. All according to the latest technologies for mobile communication networks.

“You decide on the SLAs with regard to continuity, availability, security, latency, etc. Cellnex provides you with the desired mobile connectivity.”

No investment, but a monthly fee

Our services are aimed at a long-term relationship, where we seek to relieve our customers as much as possible from any initial investment. That is why we offer our connectivity solutions in an as-a-service model. This means you don’t have to invest in equipment or knowledge, but only assume a fixed amount per month. Cellnex takes care of the entire delivery, implementation and maintenance.

Flexible and future-proof

During the term of the service, we regularly check whether the existing solution still meets your requirements. In the meantime, you can flexibly adapt the service to the circumstances in your specific situation, without having to make new major investments. This also applies to new technological developments. So you are always assured of a future-proof solution!




Designated wireless care networks with tailored performances for care processes.

  • Life saving and critical wireless medical apps and devices
  • Robotic surgery
  • Automated medication
  • Device convergence, mobile device enabled critical care functions
  • EPD and cloud data access
  • AR supported automated diagnosis


The wireless network(s) available at the patient’s home.

  • Telecare and tele-diagnostics; Remote monitoring & consultation
  • AR/VR patient monitoring; wearable devices
  • Externalisation of care; optimisation of care value chain


General availability of all mobile networks throughout the entire facility.

  • Access to medical apps | Reachability under NEN...
  • Hospitality to the patient and visitor; reachability
  • VR/AR training and guidance
  • ERP and workflow automation


Wireless services connecting devices, sensors and objects.

  • Facility management, ambient optimisation
  • Asset tracking, device and equipment management
  • Signage, way finding ; hospitality
  • Smart hospital, smart campus