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Cellnex assists governments in using smart, innovative solutions, as a result of which they can work more efficiently and more safely.

Above all, the extensive Cellnex infrastructure enables governments to offer better service to the public.


Continuity, safety and sustainability are essential demands from governments to their datacenters. Citizens, after all, handle more and more issues online and thus the service provision must be available 24/7.
Governments are also obliged to comply with the strict requirements in the area of legislation and privacy, one of which is the GDPR. In order to prevent data leaks, the data must be protected carefully.

The Cellnex datacenters are situated in 24 telecom & data towers, spread across the Netherlands. These towers also play a fundamental role in the Dutch emergency infrastructure. The facilities required for this, also offer the perfect components for datacenters with the highest uptime-levels.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS): mobile coverage within governmental buildings

It is essential that employees and visitors in government buildings have access to reliable connectivity. In the present digital age, mobile connectivity is no longer a desire, it is a must.

However, 80% of mobile traffic starts or ends in spaces that are so well-insulated that they are virtually impenetrable for mobile signals. The solution is DAS: an internal signal distribution- and antenna network, that strongly improves the coverage inside buildings.

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of spatial distributed antennas that are connected with a shared base station. The RF-signals of the different mobile operators from and to the base station are combined and subsequently distributed via a system of multiple antennas, which makes it possible to offer wireless services within a specific geographic area.

By improving the mobile coverage inside government buildings and public areas, the productivity and user satisfaction of employees and citizens will increase. Digital transformation makes reliable mobile connectivity even more essential. The perception of visitors regarding the attractiveness of locations significantly increases when reliable mobile coverage is available.


Almost all citizens and businesses have access to the internet. But it is not equally fast for everyone. In rural areas or, for instance, at a remote industrial area, the internet connection may be very slow or even not available at all.

The 24 telecom & data towers, which are part of the entire Cellnex telecom infrastructure in the Netherlands, are characterised by their large height. This unique feature offers the opportunity, in addition to fibre-optics, or even in the absence of fibre-optics, for broadband internet, to also choose radio links.

This solution is excellently suitable for rural areas and remote industrial estates, but also for, for instance, recreation areas or marinas.

Smart Cities

Deploying smart solutions to improve quality of life, sustainability, reachability, well-being and economic development in urban areas. Almost every city or municipality meanwhile has a vision when it comes to Smart Cities.

The priorities and opportunities are different from each other, but all initiatives come down to the common features: usage of digitalisation, technical innovation and data.

The Cellnex telecom infrastructure supports new generation networks that make these smart city applications possible.

As a result, also solutions with other towns at regional, national and international level can be shared and scaled-up.
Cellnex is involved in different smart cities in Europe.