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Cellnex is the leading wireless telecommunication provider in Europe with its 24 telecom & data towers and 750 antenna mastst in the Netherlands and 107,000 sites spread across a number of European countries.

Regarding the current digital transformation it is increasingly more crucial to transport data, store it, process and make it accessible in a quick and safe way (the so-called ‘data-ecosystem’). Cellnex supports organisations in all fields of the data-ecosystem. This enable companies to make optimal use of the (new) opportunities of digital technologies.


In many organisations, the role of IT becomes increasingly more significant in the business processes. The more critical the business processes, the more important qualitative data-storage becomes. In the Cellnex datacenters a large number of solutions was applied to prevent failure and guarantee continuity.

At Cellnex you can already own a Private Floor in the form of an own storey, from 6 racks. You will be the only one to have access to this floor, which guarantees optimal privacy. If you require fewer racks, but do want your own space, then a Private Cage is another possibility.

The unique properties of the telecom & data towers in which the datacenters are located, ensure that you can benefit from the highest uptime-levels. And our datacenters are among the top 3 of greenest datacenters in the Netherlands!


Each tower provides several connectivity opportunities. In terms of fibre-optic connectivity, we work together with, for instance, DCspine. You can also get connected straight away to the AMS-IX.

Thanks to the significant height of the telecom & data towers, in most cases you can also choose a very efficient radio link between your building and the datacenter. If you opt for both options, then you have a 99.999% guarantee of connection.


Mobile communication is an integral part of the present digital age. Still it is not obvious everywhere. Nowadays buildings are insulated so well that the mobile signals are hardly able to penetrate.

In many cases this leads to a lot of frustration, since the reachability of employees and users becomes more and more important for the customer satisfaction of many organisations.

Also for property owners, it is essential to be able to offer excellent mobile coverage inside buildings, in order to satisfy tenants and users.

The solution is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Here, the network signal of mobile operators is transferred via diverse technologies to a state-of-the-art antenna structure.

Cellnex is a specialist in designing and implementing DAS systems. We did this, for instance, for a number of Ikea branches and football stadiums in Europe.

By clustering multiple buildings in, for example, an industrial estate, property owners could also benefit from the resulting economies of scale.

On the basis of its long-term knowledge and experience, Cellnex will take care of the entire project, including coordination with the mobile operators.

Broadcasting Networks

Traditionally, the Cellnex telecom & data towers are used for the distribution and broadcasting of radio and television signals. The towers are still allocated to radio and TV station by the Radiocommunications Agency.

The specialised Cellnex team has had years of experience. The Cellnex experts advice with regard to, for instance, the optimal location of the antennas and the location of the transmission-equipment is highly valued by the customers.


The combination of data collecting sensors and advanced algorithms, give organisations the opportunity to streamline their processes, develop new products and services and improve customer experiences.
Therefore in many sectors, among which, agriculture and horticulture, health care and utility companies, the use of IoT is rapidly increasing.

The explosive growth of IoT applications makes a combination of edge computing and cloud computing indispensable. The Cellnex infrastructure provides a robust basis on which the new generation of networks is being developed.