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Getting to know: the team MNO TIS – Telecommunication Infrastructure Services

Cellnex team Infrastructure Services
Cellnex’s telecom infrastructure in the Netherlands currently consists of 771 antennamasts and 24 telecom & data towers. Mobile Network Operators use this infrastructure to provide services to their customers.

The team MNO TIS in Reeuwijk is responsible for the operation, management and maintenance of the 771 antenna masts. ‘It’s no picnic, because there’s a lot involved’, says Yvette Meijer, Deputy Country Manager of Cellnex Netherlands and responsible for this Business Line within Cellnex Netherlands.

From site acquisition to installation

‘The whole process starts as soon as an operator wants us to install a new mast. Raymond, Landlord Management & Site Acquisition Manager, asks Michel, Site Acquisition Negotiator, to start looking for a suitable location for the mast, within the search circle indicated by the client. He also considers the options to buy or rent the land from the landowner (the so-called Landlord). This landowner can be a municipality or a province, but also, for example, a private individual, a farmer or a company. Then Eric, our Portfolio Manager, starts the process of applying for a permit, whereby we also organise information sessions for local residents. When everything is taken care of, the mast is placed and all arrangements are made so that the operator can install his equipment in the mast.’

Maintenance and management

Bernhard Koopmans, Manager TIS Operations and responsible for the day-to-day running of Operations, adds: ‘Of course, we make sure that all masts remain in good condition. Together with our qualified partners, we carry out continuous preventive maintenance and, if necessary, make adjustments or sometimes replace entire masts. Maintenance of greenery is also part of it. In addition, we are currently working hard with the Mobile Network Operators to ensure that the entire infrastructure is ready for 5G’.

Contract & Site Management

The entire provisioning process (Moves, Adds and Changes) is managed by Bernhard’s CSM team (Contract and Site Management). The mobile networks are constantly being optimised by the operators, so there is a lot of dynamism. For example, if an operator wants to connect equipment to optical fibre, it may happen that the operator’s dish in our mast are no longer needed. The CSM team checks the conditions in the contracts, updates the inventory database and takes care of the paperwork for the customer. Conversely, if the customer wishes to install additional equipment in the mast, CSM and Operations carry out strength calculations to determine whether the mast is still strong enough. If this is not the case, we investigate whether we can strengthen the mast or need to replace it entirely.

Landlords programme

Yvette goes on to say: ‘Unburdening our clients, that’s what we’re all about’. ‘Of course, safety comes first. But we also distinguish ourselves by our independence, quality and service.’
We also want to relieve the landlords of as much work as possible. This is why we currently have a special programme whereby landlords have the opportunity to sell the land under our masts to us, or to renew the underlying leases.

This offer also applies to landlords who have an MNO mast on their land. For landlords who have antennas of MNOs on their roof, we offer to establish a usufruct on the lease agreement with the other party. Landlords receive a considerable amount of money in one go and they are rid of all the hassle that comes with the antenna site. This is also more efficient for the MNOs.

Expansion and innovation

For the future, Yvette foresees that the infrastructure will continue to expand. Her team is constantly looking for new sites, both ground and roof locations.

‘In the past, Shere Masten and Towerlink were two relatively small organisations. Now that both companies have been part of Cellnex for 3 years and the Alticom infrastructure is also part of our portfolio since 2017, we have much more to offer our clients. As an international organisation, we are building up an enormous amount of knowledge in various countries, amongst others on new developments such as 5G, Smart Cities and IoT. We like to share this knowledge with our clients so that we can help them build new generation networks.’

The MNO TIS team consists of:

Yvette Meijer, Deputy Country Manager
Bernhard Koopmans, TIS Operations Manager
Eric Leentvaar, Portfolio Manager
Randy Löw, Contract and Site Management Coordinator
Vincent Balkstra, Contract and Site Management Coordinator
Jennifer Caré, Contract and Site Management Coordinator
Raymond Poots, Landlord Management and Site Acquisition Manager
Michel Jourdan, Site Acquisition Negotiator

The Business Line is supported by colleagues from the Shared Services team, including:

Sergi Nune,z Controller
Kitty Pang, Admin