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Fast internet for residents of the Centrada circular housing project, thanks to innovative solution of Cellnex

Utrecht/Lelystad, February 3, 2021, Cellnex, specialist and European market leader in the field of wireless telecommunication infrastructure solutions, supplied internet via a radio connection to the housing project ‘Wonen bij  LARS’. Until the final facilities have been realised by the utility companies, the residents immediately have fast and stable internet.

A solution for the high housing shortage in a very short time

Just like in many other municipalities, there is a great need for housing for house hunters who are urgently looking for housing in Lelystad. With the ‘Wonen bij Lars’ housing project, Centrada Housing corporation fulfilled this need by finding a solution for this in a very short time. ‘Wonen bij Lars’ consists of 152 modular and circular homes that have been partially pre-built at a factory. As a result, the realisation of the community on site went extremely fast. The first pillars were seen on 16 September 2020. Three and a half months later, the first enthusiastic residents moved into the apartment complex.

Radio connection alternative internet facility

It was not a given that the new residents would also have access to broadband internet right away. The fast realisation of the project also led to a few challenges. For example, utility companies used their regular process and lead time, which is not yet geared to fast construction. This is why a few temporary facilities needed to be found. For fast and stable internet, Centrada entered into a partnership with Cellnex, a specialist in the field of wireless telecommunication infrastructure.

Cellnex owns, among other things, the 24 telecommunication and data towers (also called television towers) in the Netherlands, including those in Lelystad. Because the view between the tower in Lelystad and “Wonen bij LARS” is not obstructed by trees or tall buildings, a radio connection could be set up quickly and easily. A different frequency is used to secure the stability of the connection, and an application for this was submitted to the Agentschap Telecom. IP-Connected, infrastructure supplier, specialising in data networks, supplied the equipment to the housing site.

Fast rollout

Ronald Gouwerok, Real Estate manager at Centrada, is pleased with the collaboration with Cellnex: “In principle, internet is not part of the primary facilities. Yet it was clear to Centrada that a good internet provision is indispensable to the residents. But it was not easy to find a good solution for this in the short term. The flexibility, the collaboration and the speed with which the employees of Cellnex realised the entire project within six weeks are really impressive”.

Pleasant living

With Wonen bij LARS, Centrada wants to offer residents not only a nice house, but also a home. A community where people take care of each other and learn from each other. Robin Verlangen, Commercial Director at Cellnex Netherlands: “With our innovative telecommunication solutions, Cellnex wants to add value for its customers and society. This product is a great example of the way in which all of this comes together”.


Straalverbinding Wonen bij Lars