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Expansion of datacenter capacity CJ2 in telecom & data tower Cellnex Hoogersmilde

Recently, CJ2, one of the largest corporate hosting providers in the north of the Netherlands, took their second data into use in the Cellnex telecom & data tower in Hoogersmilde, to respond to the increasing demand for affordable co-location and datacenter services in the region.

CJ2, a regional partner 

As CJ2 started in 2002, the number of datacenter service providers was limited to one large player in the west of the Netherlands. In the northern provinces, there was great need for a regional party offering affordable co-location and datacenter services. Based on the view that: “there is always room for improvement”, CJ2 was founded. Meanwhile, it has grown into one of the leading corporate hosting providers in the north.

CJ2 is characterized by its personal and honest approach towards the corporate market. The CJ2 service provision includes, for example, datacenter services, virtualization and cloud-services as well as a large number of managed services, like managed hosting and several network services.

Cellnex and the CJ2 Data tower

Since 2015, CJ2 has been based in the Cellnex telecom & data tower in Hoogersmilde, also known as the former broadcasting station.

Jan Tammeling, Sales Manager at CJ2: “An important reason to choose the Cellnex telecom & data tower was the fact that we will be able to expand our datacenter capacity in a flexible manner. Each floor can be organized to our heart’s content, as a private floor up to a full-blown datacenter. Furthermore, the tower has an emergency power supply with a huge capacity and it meets all the design requirements of the Tier III Classification and also the quality is assured, for example, by means of the ISO certification. In addition, the tower is situated above the standard water level and outside the earthquake zone.”

Own private data floor, corridor of rack space

The new floor is also equipped with the latest technologies. For example, all the racks come from the German company Rittal and will be installed by Rovitech. The racks are always secured by means of a code lock and key, the network is redundant and Wi-Fi-equipped workspaces are available.

The additional capacity allows companies the opportunity to rent the entire data floor. It is also possible to use a quarter of the rack, half the rack or the entire rack. In addition, the CJ2 Data tower can be used as a ‘twin’ location of one of the CJ2 datacenters in Groningen, using Dark Fiber or Ethernet.