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Cookie statement Cellnex Netherlands

For certain parts of its website, Cellnex Netherlands uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your computer by your internet browser. A cookie contains information about visits to our website and other sites that we advertise on, to offer advertisements that appeal to the interest you showed while visiting our website. When offering these advertisements, a unique third-party cookie could be placed in your browser.

There are three types of cookies that Cellnex Netherlands uses for different reasons:

  • Technically necessary or functional cookies: these are required for the optimal functioning of our website. These cookies are used to better coordinate our website to the use and preferences of visitors of our website. As such, the user convenience of the website is enhanced.
  • Tracking cookies: these are used to gather surf information. For instance, by monitoring possible interest during the use of the website. By means of tracking cookies networks can gather information about which advertisements were already visited and which were studied further.
  • Analytic cookies: these cookies are used to, for instance, keep visitor statistics and to analyse trends in connection with the use of our website.

Cellnex Netherlands takes the processing of your details seriously and continuously works on the improvement of the way in which we offer and protect information.

If you do not want cookies to be placed, you can adjust this yourself.

You can choose to – in general – not permit cookies to be saved on your computer. Most computers will automatically accept cookies, but this can be set differently by adjusting browser settings. To do this, consult the manual of the network browser that you make use of.

If you choose to reject cookies, it may so happen that some parts of the website are no longer functioning properly. Cookies can also be removed by you, every time after an internet session. Consult the manual of the network browser that you make use of.

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