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Cellnex realises indoor coverage for Siza – ‘Het Dorp’

Utrecht/Arnhem, 7 december 2021 – Cellnex, Europe’s largest independent telecommunications infrastructure provider, has equipped the new building location ‘Het Dorp’, of care organisation Siza, with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to improve its indoor connectivity. The 4G indoor mobile coverage was realised in cooperation with KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

Autonomy clients is key

Siza offers support and care to people with a physical, mental or multiple disability and to people with autism or non-congenital brain damage. This care and service aims to enable clients to make their own choices as much as possible and live as independently as possible. Digitalisation and (care) technologies form the basis for this.

Connectivity crucial

From the moment plans were made in 2016 for the new building of Het Dorp, the independence of the clients was central to this as well. In a unique way, with all stakeholders and clients together, the needs were identified and solutions developed. A total of 90 different scenarios were developed, which ultimately resulted in 300 different use cases. Divided into four main themes: care-alarm, access and safety, homecontrol and connectivity. Besides the right cloud strategy and information security, connectivity was the most important precondition for realising the user applications.

Sustainable building, bad coverage

To facilitate the independence and flexibility of the clients, one of the specifications in the Plan of Requirements was that only mobile communication would be used: WiFi and 4G. In addition, sustainability was an important element in the construction and a determining factor in the choice of materials. However, many modern façade insulation materials keep out not only the cold, but also the mobile signals. As a result, mobile coverage in the new building proved inadequate. To solve this problem, Cellnex, in collaboration with the mobile network operators T-Mobile, KPN and Vodafone and domestic installer SPIE, implemented a so-called Distributed Antenna System (DAS). A DAS system is a modern technological solution, where all available mobile signals from all operators are generated by a base station and brought into the building via distributed antennas.

As-a-Service solution

“Initially, we wanted to arrange the indoor coverage ourselves,” says Jos Geesken, Program Leader Domotics and Technology at Siza. “However, it turned out that a lot of specific knowledge was needed and the necessary investment was quite substantial. Besides, our IT team consists of only six people and the focus is mainly on managing the system. The As-a-Service offer from Cellnex, where we pay a fixed low amount per month, a fixed low amount makes the investment predictable and controllable. We don’t have to worry about management, and as a single point of Cellnex keeps the contacts towards the mobile network operators.”

Scalable and futureproof

Siza has 150 locations spread across Gelderland and Mid-Brabant. Jos Geesken continues: “We see the need for stable connectivity increasing rapidly. The indoor (DAS) system, as it is currently set up, is highly scalable. In the future, we can therefore roll out this solution quickly and easily to other locations.

Hugo Brandhorst, Commercial Developer at Cellnex Netherlands, adds: “The innovative way in which Siza uses digital technology to improve the care for its clients is very impressive. We are delighted that we can contribute to this with our solution and look forward to a long-term collaboration!”


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Siza Het Dorp