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Cellnex literally brings datacenter into the cloud

Once again Cellnex houses a datacenter in a mediatower – this time in Roosendaal. From this week, the IP Visie servers will literally run in the cloud.

Roosendaal alderman Cees Lok (Economic Affairs) speaks of a “A landmark” when he talks about the mediatower (known to residents as the “television tower”) in his city. Built in the 60s, the media tower has a function in transmitting the television, radio and GSM signal. Cellnex, still known by many as Alticom, is the owner of these – and many other – masts and established a datacenter high above the ground. IP Visie is the first customer.

Establishing datacenters in media towers has several advantages, explains Robin Verlangen, Director of Marketing & Sales at Cellnex. “By building 4 to 16 racks on a large number of floors of the 126-meter-high tower datacenters, customers have the option of having a truly private (cloud). The floor is only accessible to authorized visitors, which greatly reduces the number of floor movements. Certainly in view of the importance of GDPR, that is an advantage ”.

The first private floor customer of Cellnex in Roosendaal is IP Visie that puts into use a complete floor.

Sufficient power supply

In addition, the towers are still part of the Dutch emergency infrastructure. “In the event of a calamity, these towers will always be active, a 10kV power infrastructure and heavy diesel generators in the towers ensure that.” An additional advantage is that Cellnex has no problems with the power supply. “We see in many regions in the Netherlands that the electricity network can no longer meet the demand for electricity in areas with many datacenters. That problem arises not with us. ”

Finally, establishing datacenters in the media towers is also sustainable. “First of all, when reusing and redesigning existing buildings, a sustainabilitytransition can be made, but the height of the towers also ensures that the servers in the datacenter are much more energy-efficient. “The cooling elements are on the high platform. There is continuous enough wind for adequate cooling. ”

Radio links

Of course the datacenter has fiber optic connections, but due to the great height it is also easy to realise radio links in the microwave band. “And the next role of the tower is already known. Our tower will be an important building block in the realisation of the 5G infrastructure. ”