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Cellnex facilitates innovative digitalisation Groningen Seaports with private LTE network

Utrecht/Delfzijl, September 30, 2021 – Cellnex, Europe’s leading independent telecommunications infrastructure provider, and Groningen Seaports, operator of the port of Delfzijl and Eemshaven and adjacent industrial sites, have entered into a collaboration to further roll out the innovative digitalisation strategy of Groningen Seaports. A private LTE (4G) network forms the basis for a range of new applications that enable a more sustainable and efficient service.

Most important green port and industrial area of the Northern Netherlands

The energy and data sector at Eemshaven is of international importance. The chemical and recycling industry in Delfzijl is becoming increasingly biobased. And the powerful link between Energy and Dataport Eemshaven and the Biobased chemical and recycling cluster in Delfzijl means that together they form a single efficient and competitive green port complex.

A private LTE network to enable new smart applications

The digitalisation strategy of Groningen Seaports is centered in innovation. The focus is concretly on new developments such as Smart Shipping and IoT applications, more efficient asset management and physical safety / cyber security. Henk Zwetsloot, Manager of Digital Innovation: ‘A robust and scalable communications infrastructure is essential for the implementation of new (IoT) applications. Our current network does not have optimal coverage everywhere. As a result, we ran into a number of limitations. A private LTE network offers guaranteed performance so that continuity is assured. The choice was therefore quickly made.’

Due to far-reaching automation and robotisation, critical business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on high-quality wireless connectivity. In addition to guaranteed performance, a private LTE network offers a number of other advantages. For example, the low-latency network is highly scalable, contributes to increasing the level of information security, keeps the data on premise and, in many cases, also provides a cost advantage.

Datadriven port

Developments at Groningen Seaports are moving at a rapid pace. Tests have already been carried out with a sounding boat that navigates through the harbor completely autonomously, without crew, and continuously transmits real-time level information. Focus is also put on the reuse of energy and the use of hydrogen, with astonishing results already being achieved. Henk Zwetsloot continues: ‘With the help of sensors, we can ensure that data becomes increasingly reliable. By making this information available via a data platform, both the ports and the companies in the entire chain can optimize their processes.’

Tailormade solution

Reliable connectivity is the basis for further digitalisation and automation in almost any business. Cellnex offers customised solutions, taking into account as much as possible existing networks such as WiFi or the network of one or more public providers. Henk Zwetsloot: ‘The Cellnex team is highly competent. The project is currently still in a pilot phase and many things still need to be developed further. Just like us, the people from Cellnex are open-minded and focused on innovation. They really think along with us, how we can achieve something great together.‘ Robin Verlangen, Commercial Director of Cellnex Netherlands, adds: ‘Economic Growth = Green’ is the motto of Groningen Seaports’ Port Vision 2030, which provides direction for the growth strategy up to 2030; the realisation of economic growth in combination with the ambition to achieve this in a sustainable manner. We are pleased and proud that with our connectivity solutions we can contribute to realising this!’