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Cellnex delivers data center to Toren7 in its telecom & data tower of Roermond

Utrecht/Roermond, June 24, 2021 – Cellnex, Europe’s largest independent telecommunications infrastructure provider with more than 128,000 sites in Europe, has expanded its data center capacity with a data center in the telecom & data tower in Roermond. Toren7, a provider of ICT solutions and services in the Southern Netherlands region, has started operating it. This brings the total number of Cellnex edge data centers in the Netherlands to 31.

Need for sustainable data center

Toren7’s services are aimed at ensuring that people can work secure, anytime, from anywhere. Unburdening their customer is central to this. As more and more companies choose to house their IT infrastructure in a data center, Toren7 decided to expand its portfolio with a number of co-location services. The telecom & data center in Roermond proved to be ideally suited for this. Harold Schaepkens, CEO of Toren7: “An important reason for choosing Cellnex’s telecom & data tower is its sustainability. More and more customers want to do business in a socially responsible way and therefore opt for a sustainable data center. The data center in Cellnex’s telecom & data tower offers excellent possibilities for this. The energy supply consists of 100% green electricity. An innovative cooling method that makes use of the fresh air outside further reduces energy consumption. The compact, autonomous floors in the tower also make it possible to use cooling and energy in a very efficient way.“

Data safe and nearby

Cellnex’s data centers are among the top 3 greenest data centers in the Netherlands and among the greenest in Europe. In addition, the towers have a number of other unique features. Cellnex’s telecom & data towers are built from the ground up to last forever. The ideal starting point for any professional data center with the highest uptime levels. Ron Timmermans, managing partner at Toren7: “In addition to sustainability, many customers attach high importance to their data being located in the Netherlands and preferably in the region. On the one hand because of legislation and short – and therefore fast – connections. But also for practical reasons. In the event of an unforeseen calamity, it is convenient to be able to reach the data center quickly in order to remedy the fault immediately. It also offers clients the possibility of adapting their IT environment quickly and flexibly.”
In addition to a private floor, organizations can opt for full 42U, 80 cm wide, racks or 1/3 and 2/3 racks. Renting single “Inch” space is also an option. Access is possible 24/7 with your own access passes, key and access code. In addition, the data center is amongst others connected to DCspine, the interconnection platform for data centers, and links up to 40 gig redundant.

Striking beaconTelecome- en datatoren Roermond

The telecom & data tower in Roermond has long been a prominent landmark in the region. Harold Schaepkens: “We were already making use of the height of the tower to set up radio links in situations where fixed internet is not possible. The operation of the data center also provides a number of workstations for customers who want to work on their IT environment on site. At a height of almost 100 meters, you have a spectacular view of central Limburg from the workstations of Toren7-DC. In clear weather you can even see 40 to 50 kilometers far!”
Live images from the tower can be seen via the webcam of Toren7.

Long-term relationship

Robin Verlangen, Commercial Director at Cellnex Netherlands: “We are delighted about the fact that we have been able to further expand the pleasant cooperation with Toren7, which we already had in the field of radio links. The pragmatic approach and short lines of communication of both Cellnex and Toren7 complement each other perfectly and offer a good basis for a long-term cooperation. Ron Timmermans adds, “We are very committed to innovation. In Cellnex we have found a partner who thinks along with us and helps us to continuously develop new services that enable us to give our customers even more piece of mind!”


About Toren7

Toren7 provides secure, hosted workstations, primarily to companies in Limburg. As a dedicated ICT partner of these companies, we have short and direct lines of communication when it comes to ICT questions. From the telecom & datatowers in Roermond and Ittervoort, Toren7 provides fast wireless internet connections at numerous locations in Central Limburg.