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Telephone disruptions: how continuity and accessibility CAN be guaranteed

It is regularly in the news: a major disruption of the network of a mobile provider that has major consequences for the services of organizations.

In that case, poor telephone accessibility is usually only the tip of the iceberg as (online) services, processes and applications are also very often hardly available.

The impact of the situation that can arise from this is enormous. Not only for organizations in the vital sectors such as hospitals and municipalities, but also for businesses in which processes are increasingly automated.

Private mobile network (Private LTE) offers an alternative for critical communication, with the highest service levels

Critical business processes have become increasingly dependent on mobile communication. This involves a network or service that applies extremely high performance, like availability and reliability – to support all business processes.

A private mobile network is entirely under own control and can therefore be designed after guaranteed performances. LTE and its successor 5G are the future’s standards and it is possible to install an entirely own LTE or 5G network. The required related spectrum ( the ‘frequencies’) is widely available in the Netherlands.

A private LTE or 5G network can be installed – by the own company or by a provider – as a company’s own asset. Another possibility is to purchase it as-a-Service, in which case third parties manage and even finance the network.


In the whitepaper ‘Private LTE networks for business critical processes’, all aspects of spectrum, performances, management, migration and service options will be discussed.

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