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Mobile coverage in buildings unexpected let-down on the increase

As a recent article in Het Financieele Dagblad made clear once again, one can’t be sure that smartphones or tablets can be used always and everywhere inside a modern building:

A great building but no mobile coverage, that’s awkward…

In order to make modern buildings energy-efficient, they are increasingly better insulated. Unfortunately this involves an unintentional negative effect on mobile coverage. While mobile communication is the cornerstone of many business processes nowadays. No less than 80% of all mobile communication takes place within buildings, e.g. offices!

Luckily this can be solved by so-called ‘indoor’ systems. These appear in all types and sizes. Basically this is a kind of building-related infrastructure with amplification and distribution of the mobile providers’ signal.

No on-premise network required

Cellnex supplies these systems as ‘as service’, completely tailored, against periodic payments. Building owners, building managers and users needn’t worry about all the complexity that such a system entails. Cellnex takes complete charge of the entire concept, the implementation, the maintenance as well as the investment. Payment is made according to the pay-per-use principle.

Clustered solution

In order to make maximum use of economies of scale, Cellnex also invests in building ‘clusters’. As such, the necessary signal sources are set up centrally and divided between buildings and users. All participating parties instantly benefit from the significant savings generated.

Geclusterde DAS oplossing


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