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Data Security high on agendas universities

Data is ‘the oil of the 21st century’, particularly for the Dutch universities. How important it is to them became clear at the beginning of September, during the opening of the academic year.

By combining big data and artificial intelligence, we can solve the large problems of society, the university leaders in Tilburg and Groningen emphasised during their opening speech. At the same time, they warned that big data must not only be seen from the perspective of opportunity. The risks for security and privacy also deserve full attention according to them.

Continuity and sustainability

 Universities know what they are talking about. The work with immense quantities of data. For them, this is a lifeline, and their data must not fall into the wrong hands. Added to that is that continuity is essential. Data is to universities what food is to a restaurant. Without access to data, everything stops. Reason why universities pay even more attention than other parties to the continuity of their own data centres.


Another growing point of attention at universities is sustainability: how energy efficient is the data centre? They do not only look at this because of the costs, but also from a social perspective. Data centres require a lot of electricity, what has measurable consequences for the energy supply. Grid operator Liandor even had to use the reserve energy supply due to the rise of data centres this summer. And cities as Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer have issued a temporary halt for the construction of data centres due to energy shortages.


University Maastricht

Universities with strict requirement are at Cellnex at the right address. We offer them well-shielded units of even their own private floor. Our telecom and data towers are part of the Dutch emergency infrastructure. The high altitude protects well against flooding. They are also the best regarding sustainability.


For reasons such as vicinity, sustainability, and flexibility, the University Maastricht chooses Cellnex. The telecom and data tower in their ‘own city’ is now the location for the new primary data centre of the university. They have seized the opportunity to set it up again and completely according to their own wishes. Moreover, access is tighter. The data centre performs well. “The level we have now implemented reflects how important we believe data is”, according to department head ICTS Operations Peter Verheijen.


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