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One of the most important pillars within Cellnex is innovation. We are constantly looking for new, sustainable solutions.

Solutions that not only contribute to the service provision of our customers, but also to the community. To this end, Cellnex participates in a large number of R&D projects. From the Netherlands, Cellnex participates, for example, in a European project that is focused on sustainability.


Cellnex invests in sustainable datacenters by making the telecom & data towers available as test locations, to the European Geyser-project. The European Union has set the objective of reducing the CO2-emission to 20% in 2050. Geyser contributes to this by means of the development of control software for more efficient energy management of datacenters.

Cellnex datacenter Roermond test location project GeyserProject Geyser

With the project Geyser (part of the Zevende Kaderprogramma -Seventh Framework Programme- of the European Union) the EU not only strives for more sustainable use of energy. An important objective is also to return the energy from a datacenter to the environment. The ambition: a CO2-reduction of no less that 80% in 2050. Geyser contributes to this by means of the development of a control system for more efficient energy management and research on the use of datacenters as part of a Smart City. In cooperation with partners from everywhere in Europa, among which multiple universities and software companies, Cellnex is intensively involved with this. Cellnex in this case closely cooperates with, e.g. Green IT Amsterdam.

Partly due to its ‘green’ character, Cellnex was asked to participate in this exceptional project, using its datacenters. During the test phase of the Geyser-project, the unique control software was tested in four innovative scenarios.

The datacenter in Roermond is the first test location in the Netherlands where tests are being carried out.

Innovation partners

Dutch Datacenter Association

Dutch Datacenter AssociationIn order to support the Dutch datacenter sector, Cellnex and nineteen other market-leading datacenters established the Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) foundation in 2015. The mission of the DDA: to strengthen economic growth and to profile the datacenter sector towards the government, media and society.


BTGBranchevereniging Telecommunicatie Grootgebruikers (BTG) has been representing the interests of Dutch companies and institutions that make extensive use of corporate communications since 1986. To this end, BTG organises network meetings in which the sharing of knowledge and experience is central. Cellnex actively contributes to this by, for instance, regularly giving presentations on new developments in the field of telecommunications.


iTanksiTanks is a knowledge and innovation platform for the port-related industry. It connects companies, knowledge institutes and industry experts and introduces new technology and the latest innovations from inside and outside the sector to these parties. Cellnex’s telecommunication infrastructure enables new generation networks, which can form the basis for future developments within the port sector.

Holland ConTech & PropTech

Holland ConTech & PropTech ensures that innovative PropTech companies and corporate grownups are connected to each other so that together they can help the sector move forward in the areas of open innovation, technology and sustainability. The organisation’s slogan is ‘A better built environment’. Cellnex attaches great importance to sustainability and is happy to contribute to it.