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Theo Balijon about Cellnex: “Working pleasantly at remarkable locations”

Theo Balijon is Chief Technology Officer at Better.Be in Enschede. This company is involved with internet solutions for business processes in the automotive lease and by realisation and optimisation of datacenters. Better.Be has organised multiple datacenters at Cellnex.

Why did you choose Cellnex?

An important reason to opt for Cellnex was the opportunity to realise a datacenter in an own, lockable room. One of our customers believed that to be very important. This is difficult to realise in larger datacenters. At the same time, we were attracted by the energy-efficient working methods of Cellnex. ICT equipment and its cooling demand a lot of energy. Free air cooling, the technology applied by Cellnex, is less of a burden to the environment than the cooling techniques that are usually applied by datacenters. Furthermore free air cooling significantly reduces the cost price. Obviously, that was considered when selecting a datacenter.

What are your experiences with Cellnex regarding the costs for the datacenters?

The cost price of energy is an increasingly important factor when selecting a datacenter. As a bulk consumer, Cellnex can cheaply buy energy. In addition, they have a very transparent way of working. In the datacenter we see electricity meters that display the actual consumption of energy. Thus we know in advance what we will be paying.

How would you describe the Cellnex work methodology?

Cellnex is a relatively small and flat organisation. You know who you are working with and the communication lines are short. This is expressed in the decisiveness and quick responses to queries. As a customer you are key. This can be noticed by the fact that the Cellnex staff is willing to offer customisation. They come up with smart solutions for this.

And what about the locations?

Great advantage is that the locations are never far away from the offices or our customers. the media towers are spread throughout the Netherlands. These are strong buildings with character. I enjoy working and holding meetings at such remarkable locations.