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Cellnex always strives for the highest level of quality possible in its service. We have obtained various certificates that demonstrate this level of quality and reinforce the fact that Cellnex is a reliable partner for your data management.

TIER III Classification

Cellnex’s datacenter concept meets the design requirements of the Tier III Classification. Within the Tier III category, there should be redundant power supplies and climate control installations present in the datacenters. This guarantees an extremely high uptime of the IT-equipment in the datacenters.

ISO 9001

Cellnex is officially ISO 9001:2015 certified. ISO 9001:2008 is the internationally acknowledged standard for quality management systems. This means that Cellnex’s services meet the demands of clients and statutory and regulatory requirements. In addition to this, we constantly work to elevate the level of customer satisfaction even more.

ISO 27001

Cellnex is officially ISO 27001:2013 certified. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security and specifies requirements for the design, implementation, execution, inspection, evaluation, maintenance and improvement of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) – a system for the management and regulation of information security. This certificate proves that Cellnex acts appropriately with regard to processes and procedures that require information to be secured.


Two of our specialists are both CDCP and CDCS certified (Certified Data Centre Professional/Specialist). Because of this, Cellnex is one of the few datacenters in Europe that fill this ‘position’ redundantly. Clients of Cellnex may use this knowledge and expertise when realising their datacenter solutions.

Certificate for sustainable energy

Cellnex is strongly committed to increasing the sustainability of the IT-sector, which still has a reputation as the major consumer of energy. We use a sustainable, energy efficient cooling method and purchase 100% sustainable energy.

Partner of GreenIT Amsterdam

We use 100% green energy, invest in sustainable cooling technologies and are also a partner in GreenIT Amsterdam, a platform of over 50 parties that promotes a strong, local datacenter industry that invests in green solutions. Not just to make the IT-sector more sustainable, but also to increase sustainability by means of IT. In other words: engaging IT to make other domains, such as the urban environment or mobility, ‘greener’.

Dutch Datacenter Association

To boost the Dutch datacenter sector, Cellnex and 19 other leading datacenters have established the Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) in 2015. The DDA’s mission: strengthening the economic growth and promoting the datacenter sector to the government, media and society.

Partner in the Geyser project

Cellnex invests in sustainable datacenters by making three telecom & data towers available as test locations for the European Geyser project. The European Union has set itself the goal of reducing CO2-emission to 20 percent in 2050. Geyser contributes to this by developing operating software for a more efficient energy management of datacenters.

Top 3 greenest datacenters

Cellnex datacenters belong to the top three of the greenest datacenters in the Netherlands. Research organisation HIVOS published reports in recent years with this conclusion.

Emergency infrastructure

The government has designated Cellnex’s telecom & data towers as part of the emergency infrastructure.

Always nearby

Cellnex’s telecom & data towers are at most 30 kilometers apart. This means there is always a suitable data centre close to you.

Accredited work placement company

Cellnex is an accredited work placement company, a certificate awarded to us by the SBB (Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market, SamenwerkingsorganisatieSBB Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven)SBB. When training young professionals, the education system and the industry both play an important role. Vocational students learn a lot while working. This requires professional practice placements and apprenticeships, in the safe environment of an accredited work placement company, with proper guidance by a work placement trainer. This way, SBB and Cellnex together ensure that the vocational education fits seamlessly with the practice.