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A quick introduction

Cellnex has recently expanded its team with two new Business Development Managers: Matthijs Rietveld and Sebastiaan Walraven.


Matthijs Rietveld is 31 years old, married and has 2 kids (and a lizard). After studying at Hogeschool Inholland, Matthijs gained extensive experience in the telecom world. Initially, he was mainly focused on the consumer market, and later, he turned to the business market. Matthijs Rietveld: ‘The pleasure of Sales is in my DNA. I really enjoy working together to find a solution that truly benefits the customer. Cellnex has a beautiful portfolio in that regard. For instance, take the DAS (Distributed Antenna System). When I’m on the road, I see more and more new offices and government buildings emerge, which, in part due to extensive climate measures, are becoming impervious to mobile signals. The DAS solution from Cellnex is an intelligent antenna system that allows the signals to still be received and users to still have mobile coverage everywhere. These types of solutions meet a specific need, and that is precisely what I mean with truly helping customers.’


Sebastiaan Walraven is 39 years old, lives together and has 4 kids. He studied Information Technology at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. Even in his spare time, Sebastiaan still enjoys researching and testing new IT applications, such as IoT applications. A few times a year, he gives guests lectures at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences about the ins and outs of IT: from the emergence of the Internet to topics like Big Data and Security. ‘I notice that IT is a complex matter for students because new technologies are succeeding each other ever more rapidly’, Sebastiaan explains. ‘And not just for students, but for customers, too, it can be difficult to keep seeing the forest for the trees. And that is precisely what makes my job so enjoyable. The data centres of Cellnex were built 60 years ago to always keep working. And they still do! But the applications and possibilities are becoming increasingly extensive. Even just in the field of connectivity, for instance, with Cellnex, customers can opt for not just fiber optics, but beam connections as well. Using my knowledge and experience in a creative way, I can help customers make the right choice for what is both the best and most economically advantageous solution.’


Robin Verlangen, Director Sales & Marketing: ‘Now that our service portfolio continues to expand under the flag of Cellnex, we can offer companies and governments even more unique solutions. And they can benefit from our European scale and extensive expertise. Still, a personal approach and a customised solution remain our creed. That is why I am very happy to welcome Matthijs and Sebastiaan, so that we can continue to guarantee this.‘